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Body Memory Unwinding


Body Memory Unwinding proceeds in a simple manner. When first experienced, the therapist induces the unwinding by removing the effects of gravity, usually by supporting the body part in the air. The practitioner then “listens” for and follows any movement indicated by uneven tension in the muscle or connective tissue.

Under such conditions one’s body will move to self-correct tension. It may also return to positions associated with trauma to a given body part (be it having fallen on an arm, hit with a ball or an on-coming car, etc.). In this case, the body can then process the memory, and experience relaxed ways of releasing the tensions of the trauma and moving from the position associated with the trauma.

Unwinding on the torso is possible via unwinding with the limbs and neck, by whole-body movements, and by subtle manipulation of the layers of fascia just below the skin’s surface. Full release may include unwinding energetic levels of the body. Once experienced, a client may begin an unwinding process on their own or with their practitioner’s input at any point during a Craniosacral or Myofascial Release session.