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Body Memory Recall


What is body memory?

Simply stated, body memory is past experiences and stress that is suppressed in the body. What kind of experiences are you referring to? DNA carries the memory of ones’ ancestors while the body’s cells, connective tissues and fluids contain the memories of one’s life since conception. Although there are many types of experiences, they are all composed of similar information which the body records including physical movements, sensation, emotion, thought and perception.

I have never heard of body memory. Is it something new?

The term body memory is new. The concept of past experiences being suppressed in the body dates back to the early 1900’s. Current medical and scientific research is providing breakthrough discoveries that describe the body as a an advanced communication system that is capable of receiving, storing and transmitting information of one’s experiences via various forms of bioenergy. In the field of biophysics, the body is being realized as an advanced communication system referred to as “a living matrix” – capable of storing the information from a lifetime of experiences.

How does body memory develop?

That is the question that pioneers in mind-body medicine are exploring right now. What has been discovered is that the body converts the physical sensations, emotions and psychological impressions of an experience into vibratory patterns which are conducted by the body’s connective tissue, fluids and cellular membranes (cytoskeleton).

How does energy become stored as body memory?

A chain of events occurs almost simultaneously as every system in the body responds to a stressful or overwhelming experience. The nervous system sends electrical currents to the muscles so that a person can either confront the threat or move away from it.

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