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Answers to common questions

Do people experience emotions on the treatment table?

Since the mind and body are connected, it is not uncommon for people to experience emotional responses when some areas of the body are treated. The body can react by crying, shivering or even laughter. If this occurs, it is okay to talk about how you are feeling and based upon how you are doing adjustments to technique, lighting or music can be made as well as creating space for processing emotions that my have a physical component.

Is it okay to talk during the treatment?

It is okay to talk but you may get more benefit if you relax into the techniques being performed, feeling into your body and advising the therapist if you are not comfortable. If your treatment goal is rehabilitation based, communication regarding pain levels and measuring relief may be addressed.

What if I am embarrassed about my body image?

Remember that massage therapists are sensitive to these types of client issues with touch and are non-judgmental about body weight, scars, disabilities medical conditions or history of trauma.

Can I go back to work or to the gym after a massage?

Everyone is different and each treatment is different, so it can vary from person to person and from one treatment to the next. If you do plan to go to back to work, allow your body enough time to readjust. We can discuss this at your appointment.

Should I tip the massage therapist?

Tipping is not expected, but is appreciated, which leaves the decision up to you. In some environments it is generally considered proper protocol to tip the massage therapist, just as you would tip a hairdresser.