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The first time I went to Jeannie it was because I won a gift certificate to redeem. I was more than surprised at her immediate concentration on areas I was sore, common aches & pains, etc. My massage is a blur…she gave me a massage that catered to my sore areas, aches & pains…it was amazing!!! Since then, Jeannie has really helped me tame my carpel tunnel aches & pains – not only through massage sessions, but also through exercises she has taught me to use at home. Jeannie has become a go-to source for this kind of thing for me…I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Stacie J. Flynn, Poquoson, Virginia

My 12 year old son has been suffering from cluster headaches for the last 10 months. We have tried supplements, prescription drugs, chiropractic treatments, nerve block treatments and oxygen treatments with little to no relief. He has seen local specialists as well as a specialist at Johns Hopkins. A friend from church mentioned that she found a great deal of pain relief from myofascial release, so we researched people certified in the Hampton Roads area and found Jeannie. After one visit my son’s headaches cut back from 4 per day at an 8 pain level to 2 per day with the worst at a 6. This is the only treatment thus far that has made a dent in his pain. We will continue treatment and recommend this service to anyone with headaches.

Stephanie Spomer, Yorktown, Virginia

The first time I met Jeannie I felt like I’ve known her all my life. I’m a fitness instructor and I put my body through a lot. She helped me tremendously with very tight hamstrings that reduce my flexibility. Also, I have a chronically ill child with fibromyalgia, narcolepsy, and chronic migraines. She truly is my saving grace. Modern medicine can’t help my child but Jeannie has helped with her headaches I am forever grateful to Jeannie. She is a blessing.

Arlyne Spalla Benson, Yorktown, Virginia

After a fall from the attic and a trip to the hospital on a backboard in December 2014 I was sent home to recover from a mild concussion and strained back. Rather than go through a schedule of repeated visits for therapy I decided to call Jeannie about the discomfort in my back and she saw me three days later. The next morning, I went to work not even thinking about my back or neck. Halfway through the day I realized that I had no pain in my back. Jeannie had clearly made the difference. Now it’s been three months and I still have no pain or discomfort in my back. Thank you, Jeannie

Skip Gibbs, Newport News, Virginia

My close friend of many years… She is amazing… Not only as an excellent certified massage therapist but an intuitive healer who uses many techniques that heal the mind, body and soul -not to mention how she truly cares about her clients’ health, comfort and well-being.

Kel H. Yorktown, Virginia

Anyone in need of a wonderful massage Jeannie is the best. Please give her a call if you are overwhelmed with stress or any other problems she can help with. She is awesome in her field and I would go back to her weekly if I could.

Brenda C., Hampton, Virginia

I first came to Jeannie at the recommendation of friends who told me she was the best massage therapist they had ever encountered. I was not disappointed. I used to have to visit a chiropractor at least once each year to address neck issues caused by chronic stress. Since going to Jeannie regularly those visits have ceased. Jeannie’s connective tissue massage is amazing, but even more important, she is an incredibly gifted teacher. I have learned so much from her and continue to do so with each visit. I highly recommend Jeannie to anyone who not only wants a great massage, but wants to understand the science and mind-body connections behind it.

PJ Mantey, Newport News, Virginia

I just relocated to the area and was looking for a new massage therapist after having been with the same one for 14 years. Jeannie was highly recommended to me and she is great! I like how she took the time to meet with me before hand and really discuss my problem areas and her philosphy on massage. I had a very deep, great massage, yet I was so relaxed I felt myself drifting off to sleep a couple times. I am definitely going to be a regular client! Thanks Jeannie!!

Jennifer Hicks, Newport News, Virginia

Jeannie is the best massage therapist I have ever been to. I have never been able to have deep tissue work done before because it was always so painful. Jeannie takes my body to the limit it can withstand to release and let go. I was amazed. I feel better than I have in years! Thank you Jeannie!

Brenda Gruver, Yorktown, Virginia

I began seeing Jeannie a few years ago. I originally saw her for problems I was experiencing with Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot. It was a lingering problem that I had learned to live with. Prior to our first session she took the time to explain possible therapeutic treatment we could try. Jeannie would visit our home and both my wife and I would get full body massages in addition to working specific target areas. After the second session I no longer had any discomfort and to date (more than 2 years) I have not had any recurring issues with my foot.

We saw Jeannie monthly for quite some time however there was a lapse in sessions due to many issues on our end. I recently was finally able to resume sessions with Jeannie and also tried her Craniosacral Therapy in conjunction with a full body massage and words do little justice to explain the session, it was incredible. It was as though during the session I felt disconnected from my body, floating would be an apt description… It was an incredible sensation and a heightened sense of relaxation.

Steve, Smithfield, Virginia

I was very impressed with how Jeannie inquired about previous injuries my body had sustained before working on the areas that were causing me discomfort when I scheduled my appointment. She made we aware of the fact that those previous injuries, decades ago, could be creating tension and discomfort in my body now. Jeannie was able to work on those areas and eleviate the tension. I highly recommend Jeannie to those of you who would like to actually have a true massage therapy session.

Julie A. Martin, Yorktown, Virginia

Hey Jeannie: You worked on me while I was at a Post Multi-family Camp. Like I said, I wish you were around here. The experience was very interesting. Toward the end when I experienced myself in the womb I felt something significant was happening. Since then I have felt more settled in my body. My body feels lighter and calmer even in the midst of intense work that I have been doing since my return from the camp. Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience your work and be blessed by it.

Deborah Chelette-Wilson, Winnsboro, Texas

For the past nine years I have been in constant pain with sciatic, lliotibial band issues, plantar fasciitis, neck pain and a plethora of other issues too lengthy to mention. I primarily go for Deep Tissue therapy because it has temporarily relieved pain in the past. I have seen many therapists in this region and Jeannie Smith is absolutely the best.

After one session with Jeannie I noticed a vast improvement to not just the area she had specifically worked, but also an overall decrease in pain. Another of her talents is that she understands the body and how it is connected so she can provide pain relief to multiple areas. After my fourth session, and for the first time in NINE years, I have been pain free. She doesn’t just care about fixing the problem but also ensures that you know what to do to ensure the problem does not return.

Jeannie Smith is 100 percent devoted, qualified and proficient in her profession with an optimistic outlook on life that everyone should emulate. Her sessions are not just physically, but also mentally therapeutic because of her exceptional ability to relieve anxiety and stress.

Jeannie cares more about the customer than her time, and will do everything that she is skilled in to ensure that when you leave her therapeutic session, you have gotten what you paid for, and more. Her credentials are so impressive, that my Doctor is now referring me to her vice the Physical Therapists in our local clinic.

Al Wagner, Smithfield, Virginia

After I left my first session with Jeannie, I knew I found my massage therapist. Her approach of combining the massage modalities such as myofascial release, unwinding, craniosacral therapy and deep tissue massage to individually suit the needs is amazing. Jeannie is a caring person with gifted hands and mind. the massage was relaxing, yet deep and effective. After a few minutes of the work I did not feel pain in my back and I was not sore later. Thanks, Jeannie, I will be back!

Denisa Vaughan, Suffolk, Virginia

I was hit by a car while walking as a teenager and because of that I suffered severe permanent injuries. Over almost 20 years of trying to find help with pain management and to improve mobility I sought out many health practitioners including countless massage therapists. No one was able to help.

When I started seeing Jeannie I had pretty much come to the conclusion that I was at the point of hopelessness, I was crippled by pain and getting worse everyday. My husband gave me a massage with her as a present to try to help me, and then the amazing and effective techniques that she uses did what I thought was impossible…she not only helped with the pain, she dealt with the underlying issues at the root of my problem.

When I would get a regular massage, of course it would release endorphins which act as a pain reliever, but it was only temporary and it didn’t resolve my problems and in a couple of hours I would be right back to the way I was before. I couldn’t afford this kind of “fix”.

Jeannie relieved the pain by getting to the root of my injuries. I am getting better and I have increased mobility and function because I have been able to resolve the cause of the pain by Jeannie’s ability to help me process it out of my body.

I am the mother of two very young children. Jeannie has given to me the ability to play with my kids and to have a life without the severe disabling pain. She has given me hope that I can get better and stronger. She is truly gifted and she is a blessing from God.

Michelle Teixeira, Yorktown, Virginia

I have been seeing Jeannie for the past two years and she is definitely the best out there. I have received therapeutic massages from other therapists and have felt the most relief and benefits from Jeannie. Her office provides a very relaxing environment and I have always felt very comfortable. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1994 and it has become worse over the years. There are very few things that provide relief for me and I can truthfully say that Jeannie is on the top of the list. I recommend her to anyone and everyone. Whether you have chronic pain or just need a relaxing massage, you will not be disappointed.

Candi Fretwell, Hampton, Virginia

Jeannie has an uncanny understanding of the human body. She has a wealth of information at her fingertips, literally, and she is more than willing to share it with the client. She guides the body to heal at a pace that is comfortable and natural, whilst achieving tangible results in a minimal amount of time. You will not regret scheduling a session with her! Thank you, Jeannie, I wish I could take you on tour with me 🙂

Hannah Nour, of the “Bellydance Superstars”

Jeannie is the best there is and she knows exactly how to help. Thanks to her, I have been able to sleep on my back again. I recommend her to all and look foward to my next visit.

Michael Marino, Hampton, Virginia

I have never worked with a therapist as intuitive as Jeannie. She knows why I hurt not just where. I recommend her to anyone that wants to get better not just feel better.

Richard White, Suffolk, Virginia

My wife and I have been going to Jeannie for years. She is not only a great therapist, but also a good friend. Jeannie works to relax not only your body, but ease a tired soul as well.

Kris K., Chesapeake, Virginia

Awesome! Thank you for your dedication and passion to your profession. Customers who expect a routine massage will walk away saying “WOW”.

Ray L., Newport News, Virginia

Jeannie is great. She fixes my Sciatica for me so I can walk again! Without her, I can barely get out of bed. Call her ASAP! You won’t be disappointed.

Jeff B., Virginia Beach, Virginia

Jeannie does great work. She gets out knots in my shoulders in one session that other therapists claim will take several sessions. I also always leave with a wonderful sense of peace and well-being.

Rebecca A., Newport News, Virginia

I gave three of my best friends who are massage connoisseurs gift certificates for massages with Jeannie Smith. I was very pleased to hear that ALL 3 of my friends told me it ws the very best massage they had in several years.

Brian Chalsma, Newport News, Virginia

Jeannie is the GREATEST! She can be gentle. She has also helped several referrals that I have sent to her.

Kathleena H., Newport News, Virginia

My boss had Jeannie come into our office for chair massages. When she was done with all of us we were all so relaxed. We can’t wait to see Jeannie again!

Nikki Smith, Newport News, Virginia

Jeanne is a miracle worker! Her technique is so different – I was used to pure pain sessions from massage for “deep tissue” work, and she is so different! The pain was relieved, but my body wasn’t recoiled in pain from someone elbow deep into my back shoulder blade. It’s truly amazing. Her techniques definitely work – she is a holistic healer. Highly recommended!

Anne Shuford, Hampton, Virginia

Jeannie has what I would call “healing hands”. She wants no more than for her patient to be pain free. After the massage therapy Jeannie will ask a battery of questions that will help her understand how you became sore to start with and will suggest ways of correcting that behavior to prevent future instances. I have made Jeannie’s therapy part of my strength training and without a doubt she will help me avoid future injuries.

Charlie Marcotte, Yorktown, Virginia

Jeannie is not a “fluff and buff” massage therapist. She is a serious professional who is very good at what she does. I have had many massages from different practitioners over the years and no one is even in her league. What is most encouraging is that as good as she is, she is constantly investing in her professional education and learning more about her trade. I have recommended many of my friends and family to her and everyone has become a “raving fan”.

Jim Hicks, Newport News, Virginia